At Alpha Auto Trim, we perform full replacements of windshields, door glass, backglass, vent and quarter glass. We also offer stone chip repairs, glass tinting and flat glass for industrial / off-road equipment.

Windshield Replacement Facts

A properly-installed windshield is essential for all vehicles. In the case of an accident, the windshield prevents you from being ejected from the car. As with the newer construction of vehicles, less metal is being used to reduce weight, and for other various reasons. Thus, the newer vehicles rely on glass retention to achieve the proper structural strength in the roof in the case of a roll over. If your windshield is improperly installed, it could pop out during an accident, or be the cause of your roof caving in.

In essence, it is an "eggshell" concept: an egg is fragile, as is the glass in the car. However, when an egg is compressed on its longest axis, it is extremely durable. Similarly, when pressure is exerted to the roof, as in a roll over, the windshield and surrounding glass provide a resistance to crushing. Also, improper installations could lead to water leaks and rusting of the metal frame (called the pinchweld).

At Alpha Auto Trim, the safety of our customers is top priority. All of our windshield replacements are done according to safety standards, putting the vehicle to factory specifications. There are three basic factory installation types: the first uses a rubber gasket which locks the glass in place on the pinchweld. The second uses a butyl tape, which adheres the glass to the pinchweld. The third uses a urethane installation, which is an adhesive that bonds the glass to the pinchweld with a much higher retention than the previous two. This is used on modern vehicles, for reasons discussed above.

Urethane installation requires the pinchweld to be thoroughly cleaned, free of dirt and grease, to ensure a proper bond. Also, rust is a factor that must be dealt with frequently, and should be cleaned as much as possible and resurfaced with primer and paint. Another important step is allowing the applied urethane glass sealant ample time to fully cure. The longer urethane cures, the stronger the bond. We at Alpha Auto Trim explain all these aspects to our customers, making them aware of what's involved with their glass replacement.

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