A vehicle's upholstery is its most personal aspect. It is a high-contact area that stimulates our visual and tactile senses. At Alpha Auto Trim, we take the time to fully tailor our work to our customers' preferences. We discuss the many options available, and help you decide on the best possible route, according to your vehicle, taste and budget. We have a wide variety of original and aftermarket material in stock to choose from. Also, any available material (i.e. original dealership fabrics) can be ordered in as needed.

A proper upholstery job doesn't only include the outside cover, it also involves an assessment of the underlying support system. This includes the springs, metal frame and the foam. In order for the new upholstery to fit correctly, it is sometimes necessary to make adjustments to these components. In some cases, the foam must be reshaped or built up, as the foam can collaspe and deteriorate over time. In others, the frame may need welding. Not only do these repairs improve the aesthetics of a seat, they also increase the comfort and safety as well. A seat with poor support could lead to injury in an accident.

Our upholstery services include:

  • Seat Covers / Repairs
  • Leather Interiors
  • Vinyl Tops
  • Convertible Tops
  • Headliners
  • Carpeting
  • Door Panels / Sunvisors
  • Stick Shift Boots
  • Custom Covers
  • Customizing
  • Restorations (classic vehicles)
  • Vinyl Dye Systems

We also supply and install pre-sewn seat covers and leather seat kits.


Custom work involves altering the vehicle's original upholstery according to the customers' liking. Such modifications can be as minor as adding piping to a seat, or can be an extensive process, like changing the colour scheme of the complete interior. Upgrading from cloth to leather is another example of how a car can be customized.

Another reason to customize is for comfort. Not all people are built the same. Hence, the general seating of vehicles becomes uncomfortable to those who are taller / shorter than most. The customizing required in these cases would be adding or subtracting foam from seats to provide more head room, better vision, support and comfort. However, for safety reasons, customization of newer vehicles becomes limited and / or not recommended.

Each vehicle is different, and may have several different types of seat styles. Each customization requires an on-site inspection to determine what can be done to a specific seat.


Restorations of classic / muscle cars can take on two basic scenarios: One is going back to the car's original state from factory, which is the most favourite among true motor enthusiasts. This would entail usage of original / aftermarket material with original colour, pattern and grain. This route requires effort, as suppliers for older cars may not be readily available. So, legwork to locate parts may take extra time. Also, referring to catalogues and photographs may be necessary, for the vehicle may have been altered in the past from the factory state.

The second scenario is to customize the interior as previously discussed. This is difficult to categorize, as each project varies from customer to customer. A benefit is that available parts and materials can be used, eliminating the "treasure hunt" as described in the first. Also, design can be molded to conventional construction. However, this does not mean it is easier, as a customer may require special fabrication of parts that can be quite difficult and / or major modification to the original interior may be quite extensive.

In any case, both scenarios require strict attention to detail and high quality. Those who go through the stages of a restoration project usually keep the vehicle for themselves, therefore they must be pleased with the end product.

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